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Yes, the practice is financed by the National Health Insurance Fund under the territorial coverage obligation.

It is the responsibility of the municipality to create the conditions for the provision of general medical care and to define the area to be covered (street list).

You can find it on the home page, or go to the Bischitz Johanna Integrated Human Services Centre homepage and enter your address to find out who your GP is.

The general practitioner may refuse an application, but only in particularly justified cases, if the application is made by a person who resides in the area (district) where the general practitioner is located.

You can choose a different GP to the one you have previously chosen. Once a year, you can change to another GP without giving a reason, but only once a year if there is a justified reason. Re-registration is justified in the event of a change of residence or if there are obstacles to seeing the chosen doctor.

Your GP is entitled to ask for information about the healthcare you have received, so that he or she can make a decision about your treatment in the light of the care you have received. This may include information about when, where and what type of healthcare you have received.

Please note that the data collected in this way may only be used in connection with the care of the patient and may not be passed on or transferred to third parties by the GP.

It is important to note that you can object to your data being requested, or you can ask for your previous opt-out to be withdrawn, the details of which will be provided to you in writing or orally by your treating doctor.
Make sure that you send the completed form (GP access waiver, unblocking GP access waiver to NEAK. 

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