ECG test required for eligibility

The ECG tests required to prove various fitness tests are not financed by NEAK and are therefore subject to reimbursement. The fee is HUF 5 000.

We carry out an aptitude test in the following cases:

for holding a firearm
for a driving licence
for an inland waterway recreational craft licence

Fees for general practitioner services

However, GPs also provide services that are not covered by health insurance, but can only be paid for by the MEDICAL FEE.

Table of fees for general practitioners 2022 -

Expert advice Fees
Personal hygiene assessment for employment in an epidemiological priority job
Health assessment for adoptive parents and guardians
Providing advice at the request of health insurers, business insurers and in response to legal advice
Opinion in Hungarian on the health fitness of people wishing to study or work abroad
All other non-funded opinions requiring an investigation
Certificates Fees
For course participation, scholarships abroad, school enrolment
Occupational health, at the request of another - non-publicly funded - health service provider or organisation, on previous or treated illnesses
Issuing a medical certificate for travelling abroad - in Hungarian
Completion of a certificate of vaccination, medication and health status in a foreign language from another country

(not at the initiative of the general practitioner or care of a patient without valid social insurance)

Performing examinations or interventions in the practice (occasionally) at the patient's initiative or at the request of another provider (not publicly funded). Or performing them for a patient without valid social security status, outside the emergency care
Printing of electronically stored documentation generated by another service provider, per page
Blood collection in the clinic
Infusion in the surgery (occasionally)
At home, at the patient's initiative - non-urgent, non-inpatient "comfort" visit or visit of a patient without valid social security status, initiated every 15 minutes
Giving an injection at the request of another - non-publicly funded - service provider or to a patient without valid social insurance, without the cost of the medicine
Exit fees for non-financed activities at home Fees
Exit fee, per kilometre

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Emergency card

During your travels, you may be involved in an unexpected medical emergency due to an accident, illness or pre-existing condition.

We offer the service in case of medical emergency, - mainly for stays abroad. You can fill in a form with your medical data. Data can be displayed abroad in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian - depending on the country you are in. 

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Occupational Health

If you employ a worker in an organised workplace, you need an occupational health service (company doctor).